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Best Bits of of the White Sox Week: May 15-21

Three wins, and way more controversy than any mild-mannered best team in baseball should court

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
Nick Madrigal waves his magic wand and converts an RBI single on Friday in the Bronx.
Sarah Stier/Getty Images

OK yikes, apparently last week I included TOO MANY (?) clips for one story to handle. So, we’ll try to keep it to one highlight per game.

Issued a challenge to come up with a new weekly feature for May, we took it on with this simple snapshot of some of the top scenes from each week of the season. Sure, you may already have seen several of these highlights, but here’s our most eye-popping moments over the last week, with the White Sox winning three of six.

I Did Not Learn From Leury García’s Many Feeble Forays Into Headfirst Sliding, Presented by Atrium Health: Yoán Moncada (May 15)

I guess there was an argument to be made that the throw was coming high and Yoán would therefore avoid a tag, but this isn’t the wisest fundamental play no matter how you rationalize it.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Hey Guys Maybe Don’t Jump All Over Me If I’ve Twisted My Ankle at Home Plate Award: José Abreu (May 16)

Given José leaps up after sliding in with the winning run without a limp, it was either a delayed reaction to a sliding injury or an injury inflicted during the walk-off celebration. Abreu was lost for the Twins series with a sprained ankle.

Burger King’s Double Whopper Award for Needless Home Run Controversy: Yermín Mercedes (May 17)

Have to include it. Don’t have to talk any more about it.

Milton Bradley Buy a Clue Award: Tony La Russa (May 18)

Yermín, Lance, Tim, entire team, you’re about to be slid under the bus. Fun!

Pepsi You Got the Right One, Baby Award for Camera Focus: Tim Anderson (May 19)

This is such a crazy bit of footage included as part of the regular MLB package, I just had to include it. Aside from the cinematic quality, Tim’s sidearm flip to first base is a pretty impressive feat of both strength and self-control. His defense has leaped forward in 2021.

Slap-Chop Award: Nick Madrigal (May 21)

Nick catches plenty of (deserved) flak on site, but remember, he’s a rookie. And he’s super-fun to watch. And his ceiling may still be pretty damn high.