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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 4 — Hope Floats, Hype Flops

Julie Brady, straight outta Winston-Salem, hops on with Brett Ballantini to talk the good (Sheets, Burger, B-ham) and bad (Kanny) of the Chicago system

Hey, Julie Brady is back writing with us, after almost two years (with no minors) away! (If you click on her profile, you’ll see Brett made her a “Senior Writer” without having any idea what that entails. Maybe it’s just funny to him.

Anyway, with occasional interruptions by Chico Marx, the cat, Julie helps Brett break down the system as we approach the month mark of the season.

  • Gavin Sheets and Jake Burger are going ham in Charlotte
  • Is there any hope offered by the starting pitcher reinforcements for the Knights?
  • What stands out about Micker Adolfo, simply standing for the National Anthem?
  • ROAM-Y or ROM-Y, no matter, the magic of González’s first month, at a new position
  • What happens when Julie encounters the basketball-sized countenance of Lane Ramsey?
  • The irony of the most hyped team in the White Sox system — perhaps in any system — being so darn lousy
  • How many McD’s Dollar Menu runs has Jared Kelley had to treat his impoverished teammates to?
  • There were otherwise no drag racing or train interruptions in this podcast, uncommon for Julie’s downtown environs

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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