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Best Bits of of the White Sox Week: May 22-28

Another week of treading water, and another week of hi-lite awards

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
It’s the first week where José Abreu hasn’t been featured, and he’s not taking it well.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Issued a challenge to come up with a new weekly feature for May, we took it on with this simple snapshot of some of the top scenes from each week of the season. Sure, you may already have seen several of these highlights, but here’s our most eye-popping moments over the last week, with the White Sox again winning three of six.

Easier Than it Looks Award, brought to you by Kindle: Andrew Vaughn (May 2)

He’s got some crazy routes to the ball sometimes, but hey, dude hasn’t played left field since high school, maybe.

NDVH Victimize the Victimizer Award: Andrew Vaughn (May 23)

Penn Sweet Play Off of the Wall Award: Michael Kopech (May 24)

Oh, and the Andrew Vaughn homer that bounced off of the back of the bullpen wall for Kopech to play the carom, that was sweet, too.

Illinois Lottery Pot of God Award: Yoán Moncada (May 25)

Personally, I still think Moncada would have made a fine second baseman. But he is pretty damn swell at third.

Spanky Got Spanked Citation, sponsored by the Women Hater’s Club: Adam Eaton (May 26)

For a guy who should be experienced enough to know how to avoid a tag at home (not to mention being smart enough not to slide headfirst into home plate), Eaton was d-u-m-b on this double play.

Check Your Pulse Award, brought to you by the Yerminator Burger: Yermín Mercedes (May 27)

Another clothesliner from our favorite 3-0 hitter.