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Killer B’s Podcast 8: Revolving Underdogs and Aces of the Chicago White Sox

Yasmani Grandal and Lucas Giolito struggle; Carlos Rodón and Michael Kopech shine

This week the Killer B’s are joined by special guest Darrin Brown, who had a big month in April after winning #SoxMath, being blocked by Steve Stone, and turning 20. Darrin joins Tommy Barbee and Keelin Billue as “The Third B” to discuss the latest Chicago White Sox news and takes:

  • Who’s Our Ace?: As Lucas Giolito struggles, the rest of the rotation still keeps surprising under Ethan Katz’s leadership. Carlos Rodón, Michael Kopech, and, most recently, Dylan Cease are stepping into their new roles as aces and potential aces.
  • Spanked by Steve: Darrin recently had an interesting run in on Twitter with White Sox color analyst Steve Stone. Honestly, you will just need to listen to the story. The B’s hands were tied on if they should share it, but it is sure to whip up some laughter. Please don’t block us, Steve.
  • A Different Field: In Chicago sports at-large news, the Chicago Bears did something good for once. Tommy and Darrin discuss the latest on the Chicago Bears draft, including the addition of Justin Fields.
  • We Justifiably Believe in Yasmani Grandal: Yaz has not had the best season, and his performance has been questioned widely among fans. The B’s discuss why you should believe in Grandal not as a feel-good story, but the stats are behind this bet.

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