Extensions for the White Sox youngsters - Lock em up Kenny

So the White Sox are 1/6th of the season through, and I am thinking about whether Kenny is thinking about extending several players.

Madrigal, Mercedes, Vaughn, Crochet, Cease, Kopech and Giolito.

Now to the extensions...

Nick Madrigal - Yes, I've seen enough and I'm convinced we want to keep him we have him for the next 7 years (including this one) for sure, I think a 5 year contract with 2 team options to run it to 7 would be great. Paying up front and paying out two years of team control for for keeping him around is well worth it. 7 years 35-42 the last two team options would be 15 million of that - 4-5 million AAV.

Yermin Mercedes - No. I love his hitting ability, but does he have a position? When Eloy gets back the threesome of Vaughn/Eloy and Mercedes will be sharing two positions LF and DH. I know he's listed at catcher in the minors but the only real spot we have for this unexpected Ruthian is DH. The problem of having 10 hitters for 9 spots is a great one to have especially seeing Eloy's injury. I think either Kenny is going to have one heck of a trade chip next off season or La Russa is going to have a heck of a bench in 2022 (projected ATM Engel, Collins, Mercedes/Vaughn, Mendick).

Andrew Vaughn - No. What a professional hitter and thrust into Left he has performed well. I get that he is the heir to Jose Abreu, but I think Jose Abreu is going to stay at 1B long after 2022 (see above for more issues).

Dylan Cease - No, I think Kenny has an aversion to giving pitchers more than 5 years.

Garrett Crochet - No, see above.

Michael Kopech - No, see Cease above.

Lucas Giolito - Please... but it isn't going to happen during the season he's going to want ace money and since he'll be Arb 2 the Sox have little leverage at this point 5 years 60 million after the season.

Carlos Rodon and Lance Lynn - I think they are both destined to become free agents.

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