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South Side Sox 2021 Player of the Week (ending May 28): José Abreu

After skidding under three games of Yankee rubber, Pito’s power revved up the White Sox bench for a dominant homestand

Mitch Ransdell (@SoxSketcher)/South Side Sox

José Abreu is living proof that one heads-up player can turn a team around with nothing but effort, attitude, and a few good swings.

When the White Sox took to the Bronx last week, they sprinted headlong into a brick wall. That long-ball power they’ve shown this year? Stunted. The uncanny ability to string together hits and walks? Absent. Instead, we saw stranded runners and at-bats that were as as blanked out as your fifth grade homework.

Losing those three games would be enough to take the wind out of any team’s sails.

But the White Sox are a ball club that’s lucky enough to have multiple leaders in the dugout, from Tim Anderson to World Series veterans like Dallas Keuchel. Oh, and having last year’s American League MVP doesn’t hurt.

With almost a solo showing in the series, and 1,000 games under his belt, Abreu kept team spirits alive by bashing a homer and a pounding few clutch hits. He was the only thing keeping the White Sox scoreboard from looking like a carton of eggs.

Once they returned home for a matchup with the Cardinals and a four-game stand against the Baltimore Orioles, the White Sox started looking like their old selves again. A May sun shining, the smell of grilled onions, and a doubleheader sweep?

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

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2021 MVP Standings

Carlos Rodón (54.9)
Lance Lynn (35.5)
Dylan Cease (22.2)
Michael Kopech (19.3)
José Abreu (18.6)
Dallas Keuchel (15.3)
Luis Robert (11.8)

2021 Cold Cat Standings

Leury García (-34.9)
Evan Marshall (-26.5)
Adam Eaton (-19.4)
Matt Foster (-18.7)
Aaron Bummer (-15.4)
Yasmani Grandal (-12.9)
José Ruiz (-10.7)

South Side Sox Writer Standings

Our Indianapolis field office not only carry the best two season records, but it is a combined 15-3 on the season. Sign them up, White Sox!