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Sharing Sox Podcast 35: Dylan Ohtani Edition

Or, “Who needs to know the rules, anyway” edition?

Waiting to record until after Wednesday afternoon’s White Sox game sure provided a whole lot of new material for Sharing Sox.

SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan, his son and west coast correspondent, Will, and their special guest, renowned theatre director/artistic director/founder/lifelong Sox fan Jim Sullivan, get to lace into all the dumb moves Tony La Russa made in the 10th inning alone, then go back to tear up the Hall-of-Famer Baseball Person over past stupidities.

As you can imagine, delineating La Russa incompetences took quite a while, but the trio managed to also praise the starting pitching, question the bullpen, and, of course, worry over the repercussions of Luis Robert’s absence. Naturally, that last included sage advice to the aforementioned HOFBP on how to proceed.

Other questions included wondering why the h#*! Yermín Mercedes wasn’t given a chance to catch in one of the games in Cincinnati, where he was lost to the offense because of the lack of a DH; what the h#*! Luis González was brought up for if he isn’t going to get a chance to play and demonstrate he’s not a major leaguer; and, of course, when will we get to see Dylan Ohtani take over in center field.

Oh, yeah — then there was a whole bunch of ranting and raving about the incredible boredom of games that are all strikeouts, walks and homers, and the profound need of MLB to wise up and change the balls and the rules to stop it before the audience is completely gone.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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