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Best Bits of of the White Sox Week

A new feature for May highlights the dazzlers and duds as we step through the season

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox
Fly away: Tim Anderson had the top clout of the first week of May.
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Issued a challenge to come up with a new weekly feature for May, we took it on with this simple snapshot of some of the top scenes from each week of the season. Sure, you may already have seen several of these highlights, and this first week of the month is a bit truncated (especially with two off-days), but here’s our most eye-popping moments since the start of May.

Biggest Blast, Presented by Prince Spaghetti: Tim Anderson’s Grand Slam vs. Cleveland

Eatin’ good with Bria and the kids.

Yugo’s Clown Car Defense Award, shared by Yoán Moncada and Tim Anderson

Yoán gotta cede that popup to the shortstop.

The Academy Award Nominee for Suavest First Hitting Day for an AL Pitcher: Dylan Cease

Not just a killer pitching effort — against someone other than Detroit! — but an impeccable 3-for-3 day at the plate, complete with “Jordan shrug.”

Idaho Potatoes Sack Attack Award: José “Twinkletoes” Abreu

OK, the game sucked. But here’s another dandy putout by José Abreu, the daring young man at the first sack.

Teach Your Manager Well, sponsored by The Athletic: congrats, Tony!

And how do you not end with this one, an astonishing admission from Tony La Russa, with an assist to a coaching staff and front office that are seemingly just going through the motions.