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The Big Blurt Podcast 7 — Trades, Upgrades, and Overpaids

Rob Colletti and Bill Meincke break down the stellar Sox rotation, and trade prospects for later this summer

On this week’s episode of The Big Blurt, Rob Colletti and Bill Meincke talk injuries, outfield replacements, offensive woes, and closing out games. Tune in and get excited, because the Sox are in sole possession of first place!

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the show:

  • The new intro music!
  • Is Tony La Russa going to manage his way out of the Hall of Fame?
  • How many games has La Russa lost for the White Sox this year?
  • Perhaps Albert Pujols should join the White Sox — to manage, not play
  • Dylan Cease resurgence
  • Who in the AL Central can overtake the White Sox?
  • Some Minnesotans are eatin’ some crow dere, bud
  • The Awful Josh Donaldson
  • The injury bug — letting Eloy and Luis take the season off, and rely on the pitching
  • Brian Goodwin, and other trade possibilities for the team as the season plays on
  • Kris Bryant for Jonathan Stiever? Jared Kelley?

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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