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South Side Sox Podcast 46 — Nicky Two Strikes, Struck Down

Chrystal O’Keefe, Joe Resis and Trevor Lines hop on with Brett Ballantini to discuss the Madrigal injury and examine near-term solutions at second base

So, once again we’re putting together an emergency podcast to address a potential season-ending injury for a White Sox starter. This time, it’s Nick Madrigal, who on Thursday was placed on the 60-day injured list. In the aftermath of yet another extended injury loss, Chrystal O’Keefe, Joe Resis, Trevor Lines and Brett Ballantini gathered to discuss the injury, and possible replacements.

  • It seems clear Trevor was unable to successfully scalp his seat to this podcast, despite it being one of the final Hippie Brett podcasts before next week’s cut
  • Initial reactions to seeing the injury on Wednesday, and feelings about the prognosis announced on Thursday
  • Joe Resis, Madrigal superfan, vs. Trevor Lines, Madrigal doubter
  • What is up with the sniper fire coming out of the stands to fell all of our players running to first base? And can we perhaps get a bullpen cart that can help guys off of the field when they, say, have torn their hamstrings?
  • How this season’s dead ball couldn’t touch Madrigal
  • Are the White Sox suddenly injury-prone, or is the rash of South Side injuries just a symptom of a larger, league-wise issue?
  • Chrystal, who should already be employed by the White Sox as bottle opener, good-luck charm and animated cadaver, offers her services as yoga coach in response to all the soft tissue issues
  • Everybody, downward dog during the break!
  • Trevor is worried that Luis Robert will come back to the White Sox with a Domino’s baby
  • Sorry, Domino’s!
  • Is Madrigal injury-prone? Brett makes Joe worried, now
  • Trevor has some wild solutions for the second-base opening, and he teased this morning’s article last night
  • Trevor’s trade target: Adam Frazier
  • The podcast crew winds up by time-traveling ahead to predict a White Sox win on Thursday before first pitch even happened — as far as you know

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