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Today in White Sox History: June 16

The dawn of true interleague play — yet another series where the South Siders have bested the Cubs

Chicago Cubs shortstop Rey Sánchez tumbles after colliding with Ray Durham of the Chicago White Sox at second base in the seventh inning on 16 June at Comiskey Park. Durham was tagged out as he broke up a double-play attempt.


After numerous charity and exhibition games, the WhiteSox and Cubs played for real for the first time in the regular season.

The overall record between the two franchises through the end of the 2002 spring training season had the Sox ahead, 137-91-6, including an amazing 10-0-2 in the “Crosstown Classic” played for charity from 1985-95.

Since then, the two teams have played each other every season multiple times. Going into 2021 the Sox have a 64-60 advantage in regular season interleague meetings.