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Gamethread: White Sox at Astros

Throw out the dud, get a winner

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers
The return of Rodón!
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday’s game was bound to happen, honestly. It’s been a minute since the guys had a day off, and then flying into Houston? Pass.

We’re back again, though, for Round 2 of “Does my deodorant stand up to June heat?”

Fast Facts: Astros Edition

  • Record: 40-28
  • Last 30: 19-11
  • vs. RHP: 23-14
  • vs. LHP: 17-14
  • vs. Central: 3-4
  • 1-Run Games: 5-7
  • AL Batting Average: .275
  • Team BA Leader: Michael Brantley (.342)
  • Home Run Leader: Jose Altuve (16)

Luis Garcia takes the hill tonight for the Astros. He’s 5-1 in his last seven games, lasting a total of 38 23 innings, allowing 30 hits, 13 runs (12 earned), 11 walks, 44 strikeouts, and five home runs. Garcia has never faced the Chicago White Sox, having only made appearances for the Astros in 2020, when teams were playing in regions. Garcia throws five pitches: 4-seam fastball (46.7%), cutter (21.1%), slider (14.7%), change (9.1%), and curve (8.4%). Average speed on his 4-seam is 93.1 mph, with his cutter coming in as his second-fastest pitch at 85.8 MPH.

Carlos Rodón was tapped for the White Sox tonight. In his last seven games, he’s 2-2, lasting 41 23 innings and allowing 32 hits while striking out 61 batters. His walks are on the low side, with eight, and he’s allowed 12 runs. Rodón is 1-0 in his last five against the Astros, going 32 13 innings and allowing 32 hits, 10 runs (seven earned), while striking out 26 and walking nine. He’s posting a 1.95 ERA against them.

Here’s how everyone is lining up tonight:

You may ask “Colleen, why aren’t you using the tweets from the team?” and that is because Houston’s social media manager is taking a nap, not posting their lineup.

Game is on MLB.TV for non-locals, NBCSports Chicago for those in the area, and ESPN 1000 for you radio listeners. Check back here after and I’ll have some kind of recap (quality depends on how the game goes). Six Pack? Ashley Sanders is on it.