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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 5 — Return of the Rehabbers!

Darren Black is back to talk Charlotte call-ups, and our first round of monthly MVPs

Darren Black is back, discussing our first round of monthly MVPs (Gavin Sheets in Charlotte, Konnor Pilkington in Birmingham, Luis Curbelo in Winston-Salem and José Rodriguez in Kannapolis) in the system, and more:

  • Jace Fry will get called up to Chicago before Adam Engel
  • Will Gavin Sheets be called up to Chicago before Engel?
  • What are the pitchers eating in Birmingham, and is it available for delivery?
  • Darren Black calls out the voters for ignoring Ofriedy Gómez this week.
  • Birmingham bats, hot and cold: Micker Adolfo and Romy González
  • Next week’s guest, joining Darren and Brett: Venus Victor
Dan Victor
  • What is going on in Winston-Salem, with such a weird collection of players and performances (every Sunday, they end up at .500)?
  • Benyamin Bailey was sent back to Glendale from Kannapolis, and what should we make of that sort of setback for a top organization prospect?

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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