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White Sox at Cleveland, PPD Rain (and Sheer Doubleheader Fatigue)

Makeup to come during the final week of the season, so hopefully the South Siders have clinched the top seed by then

MLB: AUG 12 Astros at White Sox

Wipe another four innings off of the official season slate, people: Today’s matinee finale in Cleveland has been postponed due to rain, to be made up at the end of the season, yikes:

Of course, it comes at a good time for the White Sox, who have played 12 games in 12 days and were planning to run Lance Lynn out on short rest. Fuel up a bit, get home for a six-game set against Detroit and Toronto over the next week, and pad that division lead.

So, how are we feeling about this White Sox club, with one-third of the calendar year peeled off of the season?

  • The White Sox are 33-22, 2 12 games up in the AL Central
  • Their magic number, 106, is as low as anyone’s in baseball (tied with the Rays)
  • The White Sox are the second-best in the AL (behind the 35-21 Rays) and fourth in baseball (behind the Giants and Padres)
  • The White Sox have a +79 run differential, second-best in baseball behind the Padres (+80)
  • That run differential projects to a 106-56 final record, best in the AL by eight games (Astros)
  • No other team in the AL Central has a positive run differential, thus they are all tracked by that measure to finish under .500
  • Per run differential, the White Sox would win the ALC by 27 games over second-place Cleveland

Some White Sox position players on the AL Baseball-Reference leaderboards:

  • Yoán Moncada, tied for sixth in WAR (2.8) overall, tied for third among position players, and fifth in offensive WAR (2.3)
  • Yermín Mercedes is tied for seventh in batting average (.304), with Moncada ninth (.301)
  • Moncada is second in on-base (.429)
  • Billy Hamilton is tied for seventh with two triples
  • José Abreu leads with 46 RBIs, somewhat amazing given how hot and productive Vlad Guerrero Jr. has been
  • Yasmani Grandal leads with 42 walks, with Moncada fourth at 38
  • Moncada is tied for ninth with 61 strikeouts
  • Tim Anderson is tied for third with nine steals. He is tied for second with four times caught stealing
  • Nick Madrigal and Mercedes are tied for sixth with 40 singles. Moncada is tied for ninth with 39
  • Moncada is tied for eighth with 38 runs created
  • Moncada is ninth with 14 adjusted batting runs and 1.4 adjusted batting wins
  • Moncada is second with 97 times on base
  • Moncada is fifth with a .744 offensive winning percentage
  • Abreu is fifth in hit by pitches with six, Adam Eaton is tied for sixth, with five
  • Eaton and Leury García are alone and tied for second with four sacrifice hits. Hamilton is tied for ninth, with two
  • Madrigal is first, by a significant margin, with 11.4 at-bats per strikeout
  • Moncada is fourth in base-out runs added (RE24), at 16.64, and base-out wins added (REW), at 1.7
  • Abreu is tied for first with five sacrifice flies

Some White Sox pitchers on the AL Baseball-Reference leaderboards:

  • Lance Lynn is fifth in WAR among pitchers, at 2.1. Carlos Rodón is seventh, with 1.9
  • Rodón is second in ERA (1.98)
  • Lynn is tied for third with six wins. Rodón and Lucas Giolito are tied for ninth with five wins
  • Lynn is third, with an .857 winning percentage. Rodón is tied for ninth, at .714
  • Rodón is second in WHIP (0.823)
  • Rodón is first in hits per nine innings (5.268), while Giolito is eighth (6.750)
  • Rodón is second in strikeouts per nine innings (13.171), with Giolito fifth (11.202) and Dylan Cease sixth (11.195)
  • Liam Hendriks is first in saves (13) and games finished (20)
  • Giolito is tied for 10th with 62 23 innings pitched
  • Rodón is tied for fourth with 80 strikeouts, Giolito is sixth with 78, and Cease is tied for ninth (68)
  • Cease, Giolito and Dallas Keuchel are all tied for fifth with 11 games started
  • Rodón, Cease and Lynn are among just nine pitchers with a complete game, and among eight with a shutout
  • Rodón is third in adjusted ERA+ (220)
  • Cease’s 27 walks are tied for fourth
  • Rodón has 6.154 strikeouts per walk, good for third
  • Cease’s 0.823 home runs per nine innings is seventh
  • Keuchel’s 30 earned runs are tied for eighth
  • Cease’s five wild pitches are tied for eighth
  • Rodón’s five hit batsmen are tied for fifth
  • Rodón is third in FIP (2.62)
  • Lynn is third in adjusted pitching runs (15) and wins (1.7), Rodón fifth (13, 1.4)
  • Lynn in fifth in base-out runs saved (RE24) with 16.64, Rodón sixth (15.84)
  • Rodón is sixth in situational runs saved (WPA/LI) with 1.4, Lynn seventh (also 1.4)
  • Lynn is ninth in championship WPA (cWPA), with 1.0
  • Lynn is fifth in base-out wins saved (REW), at 1.9, Rodón sixth at 1.8