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South Side Sox Podcast 48 — Getting Fat Before the All-Star Break

Chrystal O’Keefe and Joe Resis hop on with Brett Ballantini to talk about the flagging offense, and how many games the White Sox need to bank before the break

Chrystal O’Keefe and Joe Resis join Brett Ballantini for another podcast that seems Indianapolis invitation-only. It’s a quicker podcast than usual, because we wanted to focus on just a couple of concepts, beyond thanking any listeners still tuning in to Podcast 48 in 2023:

  • What is up with the offense? Yes, there are injuries aplenty, but this isn’t a lineup of guys found at the bus stop, either
  • How many of the 16 games (starting on Friday) do the White Sox need to win to feel good going into the All-Star break? (Bad news for Chrystal, who said 14 ... the Sox can only lose once more before mid-July!)
  • Alternately, rather than sheer wins (with an eye toward the only real competition at the moment, Cleveland) how far up should the South Siders be by the All-Star break?
  • The schedule from the All-Star Game to the end of August is not easy. Each of us has varying levels of terror over this fact
  • We welcome the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce to our stable of sponsors at SBN
  • Also: a little more time travel!

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or wherever you consume your podcasts. Or, you can watch the podcast on the South Side Hit Pen YouTube channel.