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Gamethread Redux: Mariners at White Sox

Pardon the interruption

Yesterday’s tale of the tarp

When last we left the White Sox and mariners, they had squeezed the beginning of a pitchers’ duel in between deluges that had sightings of Noah’s ark in Chicago, albeit unconfirmed.

Lance Lynn had cruised through three innings, the only blemishes two third-inning walks, one of them erased in a double play. Logan Gilbert of the Mariners had faced the minimum of six batters through two, a José Abreu weak single wiped out by a Jake Lamb DP.

The game ended up suspended after 2 12 innings and roughly 18 hours of fan time, and will be picked up in the Sox third, with Yermín Mercedes at bat. Both teams are keeping pitching plans as deep, dark secrets, but because the game is suspended, they aren’t allowed to bring in a 27th man — they will get that option for the regular Sunday game to follow, which will be seven innings, while this one will go nine.

So you don’t have to flip back to the original gamethread, the White Sox lineup is (with Lance Lynn no doubt no longer included):

The Mariners, less all the “Logan on the hill” stuff, will be:

Good opportunity to mess with opposing lineups by switching handedness of the pitchers, but we’ll see what Scott Servais and the HOFBP have in mind, especially in Servais’ case, since the White Sox have every possible left-handed bat in the game except Aaron Bummer and Garrett Crochet.

First pitch (well, actually 76th pitch, since Lynn and Gilbert threw 75 yesterday) at 1:10 p.m. Central, usual broadcast suspects.