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Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 2.75 — Working Twice as Hard Since Forever

Chrystal O’Keefe, Colleen Sullivan, Janice Scurio and Keelin Billue share thoughts on a little biology lesson about estrogen, sports barriers for women and people of color, allyship, sticky stuff stripping, Carl Nassib, and bag policies

Alert the reply guys! Estrogen Power Hour, an all-White Sox, estrogen-based podcast focused on the intersection of inclusivity in baseball and sports at large, is back.

Listen in to episode 2.75 “We’re Just Here So We Don’t Get Fined” as Janice, Keelin, Colleen, and Chrystal discuss topics such as:

If You’re Reading This, You Probably Have Estrogen Some folks felt the use of “estrogen” in the podcast title was not inclusive. So, unfortunately, this episode has a brief science lesson at the beginning, for the slackers that hang out in the comments.

Janice Does Pittsburgh Janice went to the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Chicago White Sox series in Pittsburgh; ate a delicious, pierogi-topped sandwich; made new friends; and will be on some Pirates archival footage somewhere.

Sports Expertise Barriers for Women and How You Can Help The burden of proof is higher for women (and especially women of color) when it comes to fandom and sports knowledge, and sometimes these conversations turn nasty, especially on social media. Learn how you can be an ally and support the women in your life. Janice gives a shout out to UK baseball fans, including Bat Flips and Nerds.

Baseball’s Problematic Full Monty Moment As the MLB vs. Sticky Stuff saga continues, pants have come down, but at what cost? Early on, the sticky ban has been chaotic and promises to leave the MLB with an even messier legacy. However, bets are placed on who will moon the umps first or add some drama to the substance-check process.

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies
Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer has his belt checked after he pitched the first inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Pride Month Continues The White Sox “put their money where their mouth is,” as Liam and Kristi Hendriks are hosting a benefit for the Center on Halsted, an organization mentioned in Episode 2 of Estrogen Power Hour. Additionally, the crew discusses Carl Nassib’s coming out, how other MLB teams do Pride, and expanding the idea of Pride to everyone.

Hey Guaranteed Rate Field! We Need Our Bags Back! Guaranteed Rate Field issued a policy to minimize bag size during the pandemic. However, as the stadium returns to full capacity, the 9´´x 5´´ bag size remains the same. The crew talks medicine, menstrual products, and other items that, uh, people kind of need to have with them and do not need to broadcast. It is time to update the bag policy.

AND MORE! Do you like snakes? Exploding Snakes? Snakes heads on stakes?

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