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South Side Sox Podcast 49 — Meet Tyrone Palmer, With a Midseason White Sox Gut Check

Tyrone Palmer makes his SSS debut with Brett Ballantini to talk about his background as a South Side fan, as well as what this team needs to do to deliver a back-to-back postseason

Go figure, Brett Ballantini talks with new SSS staffer Tyrone Palmer and neglects to discuss his most recent domination of Sox Twitter, as he brought attention to the White Sox dishonoring Loretta Micele:

But, no worries, Tyrone is much more of a White Sox dynamo than a mere viral tweet that touched the hearts of more than 32,000 Twitter users ...

Topics broached:

  • Highlights from Tyrone’s Meet the Players profile, including his all-time favorite Simpsons episodes
  • Reminiscing about 2008’s Blackout Game, which both Tyrone and Brett attended, with fond memories. And both still have their generic black “blackout” towels
  • The majesty of seeing Frank Thomas clobber a home run to straightaway center in your first-ever White Sox game
  • Offseason reactions, including revamped coaching staff
  • Spending smartly vs. spending more
  • Making sure the “window of contention” is not just a carrot dangling, merely masquerading as a World Series ring

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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