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Sharing Sox Podcast 39: The Michael Jordan of Baseball Edition

Yep, one of the cops arresting our HOFBP actually said that

Yes, yes, it’s “La Russa’s Second DUI Bust, the Movie” week on Sharing Sox, as SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, get to review the DUI arrest video obtained by WGN-TV through a Freedom of Information request. And, yes, one of the arresting officers had no idea who the HOFBP was, and the other one had to explain it to him — grievously insulting Michael Jordan in the process.

On to actual baseball things, this week’s cast covers the Cleveland series that just ended, including Steve Stone’s observation of a black spot in James Karinchak’s mitt, which leads to a rant or two about pitchers doctoring baseballs and how enforcing rules against it could bring the game into better balance.

Then there are observations on who’s up and who’s down playing-wise (hint: one YM way up, one YM way down), and, mainly, who’s likely to be up and down roster wise. Given that every time we say a player should be sent to Charlotte said player suddenly becomes Willie Mays or Sandy Koufax, and every time we say a player definitely needs to stay he turns into Mario Mendoza or Jaime Navarro, you may want to make your fantasy picks based on disagreeing with every comment made.

And then the mater of pop-ups pops up.

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