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Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 2 — PRIDE, Baseball Myths, and Mental Health Double Standards

Chrystal O’Keefe, Janice Scurio, Colleen Sullivan, and Keelin Billue gather round the South Side Sox campfire to discuss LGBTIQA+ representation, mental health, and myths in baseball and beyond

Welcome to the second episode in what is now titled “South Side Sox Estrogen Power Hour,” an all-White Sox, estrogen-based podcast to focused on the intersection of inclusivity in baseball and sports at large. Occasionally, coverage includes how the White Sox can monetize major life events (primarily funerals).

In this episode, tune in as the team discusses:

Welcome Janice: A tripod becomes a rickety but free-standing chair, as Janice Scurio joins the Estrogen Power Hour.

Lefties, Righties, Bunting — Fact or Myth?: Have you heard that White Sox crush lefties? The team discusses facts and myths about lefties vs. righties. Also, Colleen talks more about bunting, and she is ready for folks to stop trying to explain things to her.

Sleeping with The Enemy: Waddle and Silvy of ESPN 1000, the flagship White Sox radio station, think the Chicago Cubs are the feel-good story of the year, but the group rolls unrolls a long sheath of papyrus to reveal a long list of reasons Waddle and Silvy are wrong.

Pride in the MLB: White Sox social media shared an image featuring Liam Hendriks to acknowledge and celebrate Pride Month. Although this is a step forward for in terms of primarily male-dominated sports in acknowledging the LGBTIQA+ community, how can organizations and the MLB do better? In Chicago, organizations like Center on Halsted and Howard Brown Health on the North Side and the Brave Space Alliance on the South Side support LGBTIQA+ communities and could use some local love and support.

Leave Naomi Osaka Alone: Recently, Naomi Osaka declined media interviews to protect her mental health, which resulted in a $15,000 fine and outrage from, primarily, older white guys. This treatment is a double standard.

Surprise! Baseball Players Are Humans: It is no secret that Yermín Mercedes is not having the best month. However, some shock and surprise is undue. The crew discusses why fans should expect slumps and be patient, especially for players with longer contracts.

Goodbye, Bad Guys! Mickey Callaway and Marcell Ozuna are off the job, thanks in no part to their abuse of women. How will organizations continue to address abusive coaches and players? How can we expect baseball to truly be “for all” when crimes like these go unchecked?

Who Do Sox Fans Want to Dump This Week?: Eaton? Abreu? Grandal? Mercedes? García? Lamb? Mendick? Who stands where in the great debate of dumpage?

Keelin Forgets Nomar Mazara’s Last Name: This is more of a correction that no one will probably read.

More Death Stuff: Concession embalmments. Faygo embalming fluids. The usual.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify. You’re also able to watch the podcast play out at the South Side Hit Pen YouTube channel.