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Gamethread: Tigers at White Sox

The striped enemies take on the White Sox

US-HEALTH-FLU Photo by SETH HERALD/AFP via Getty Images

We’re back for a new round of White Sox vs. the Tigers. After yesterday’s game we can hope that the strike zone is better, that Lucas Giolito doesn’t get tossed again, and that Tony doesn’t drive the bus over his players (no promises on No. 3).

On the hill tonight is recent no-hitter spinner Spencer Turnbull, facing off against Dallas Keuchel. Turnbull’s record is 4-2 with a 2.93 ERA over 46 IP. He’s allowed 35 hits and walked 12, allowing only one home run. Turnbull has faced the White Sox four times in his career, going 0-3 and lasting 15 total innings. Most recently, he faced off against the White Sox in September 2020. He’s 3-2 for his last seven starts, with a 3.07 ERA.

Keuchel has 4-1 record and is sitting at 4.53 ERA. He’s lasted 59 23 innings, allowing 61 hits while walking 18 and striking out 30, allowing eight home runs. In Keuchel’s last five starts against Detroit he’s gone 2-2, most recently in August 2020, when he lasted six innings, gave up six hits and three earned runs.

Here’s how everyone’s favorite managers are lining it up tonight:

It’s a Sheets-less line-up so I’m glad we had a bunch of excitement about his call-up for nothing to happen, as it appears Andrew Vaughn will be back soon. Also Eaton in the 2-hole so let’s all say a prayer and get through this together.

Is this a good lineup? IDK I’m not a Tigers fan so we’ll say “no,” because Miguel Cabrera is in it.

Tonight’s game is on NBCSports Chicago for us locals, MLB.TV for those who are not local (and not blacked out), and ESPN1000 for you old school radio folks. Chrystal O’Keefe is on Six Pack of Stats duty, and you’re stuck with me for your recap.

Enjoy the weather and play nice with each other on the Internet. Don’t be creepy.