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Best Bits of of the White Sox Week: May 29-June 5

The South Siders take six of nine, trying to put a stronghold on first place

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Issued a challenge to come up with a new, six-week feature, we took it on with this simple snapshot of some of the top scenes from each week of the season. Sure, you may already have seen several of these highlights, but here’s our most eye-popping moments over the last week, with the White Sox again winning three of six.

Insurance Policy Home Run, presented by State Farm: Billy Hamilton (May 29)

Hamilton’s first home run with the White Sox was made even more fun by the excitement the dugout showed after he hit it.

Jack Daniels Three Sheets to the Wind Triple Citation: Nick Madrigal (May 30)

Nicky Two Strikes does it again, this time with a GWRBI triple down the right-field line.

Vlasic Pickle Can-Into-Can-Do Award: Tim Anderson (May 31)

A terrible baserunning move becomes a great one, as Tim Anderson gets picked off, but then manages to elude a tag until Zack Collins can plate a run from third. The directing traffic as he’s running is consummate TA.

Smuckers Strawberry Award: Billy Hamilton (June 1)

Calling this a Little League Home Run doesn’t really do it justice. First, Billy Hamilton murders this ball, I mean, just listen to the crack of the bat; believe this was the longest hit of the game. Second, he doesn’t even hesitate around third (unlike the pause between second and third). So Hamilton is up to top speed in just a few strides. Finally, this might be the first case of face strawberry on a slide I’ve ever seen.

Swing-n-Slide Bat Off the Shoulder Award: Yasmani Grandal (June 3)

Nice Steve Stone soothsaying on this one, and an incredible 457 feet on the clout for a player we need to start slugging.

Check Your Pulse Award, brought to you by the Yerminator Burger: Yermín Mercedes (June 4)

A game-winner from our favorite 3-0 hitter. How do you not love the “come and give me some love” gesture he’s making to teammates out to mob him at first base?

Smithside See How Cute I Am When I Call for Another Bunt Citation: Tony La Russa (June 5)