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Today in White Sox History: June 7

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Royals vs. White Sox
No, not the 1974 fire at Comiskey Park. Not 1974. Not Comiskey Park. For illustrative purposes only. P.S. Kauffman, turn down the grill temps, you clowns.
John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images


White Sox third baseman Pete Ward’s appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated was derailed at the last second when Muhammad Ali beat Sonny Liston in the rematch for the heavyweight boxing championship. Ali got the cover shot when the fight photos arrived at SI at literally the last possible publishing time.

Ward was sent four “test” copies of the cover that never ran, as a keepsake. The headline? “The New White Sox Power For a Pennant.”


During a game against the Red Sox, a fire broke out at Comiskey Park. It started in the main commissary under the right-field stands. Several thousand fans were forced to go on the field for safety reasons. but they left the grass in great shape, without any damage.


In a game at Minnesota, the White Sox used a six-run second inning to defeat the Twins, 8-3. The Sox got four hits that inning along with an error, two walks and a hit batsman to help the cause. Pitcher Ken Kravec was the beneficiary and picked up the win — which was the 6,000th in the history of the franchise.