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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 6 — Charlotte Sometimes, Single- and Double-A the Rest of the Times

Charlotte correspondent Anders Johanson and update maven Darren Black hop on to talk Charlotte, promotions, and their cool Knights hats

The South Side on the Farm podcast turns the party line back on, as Brett Ballantini and Darren Black welcome in our Charlotte correspondent (did you know we have a Charlotte correspondent? WE HAVE A CHARLOTTE CORRESPONDENT!), Anders Johanson. The two cutie pies chatted each other up and decided to wear their compatible Charlotte caps, leaving Brett baldheaded and more clowny than usual.

So, the two experts plus Brett talked Farm:

  • Anders solves the puzzle of “How Did Kannapolis win just four games in six weeks?”
  • Before the season, Chris Getz indicated there wouldn’t be too much player movement among affiliates this year, and in the first month of the season there were like 8,000. Bonus: Darren calls Brett a liar
  • Brett and Darren, fellow LHS Wildcats with Evan Skoug, celebrate their countryman’s success in Charlotte, even though Brett can never remember it’s pronounced SKOWG not SCOOG. Some lifelong friend he is
  • Anders talks about his very first Triple-A coverage, this past Sunday at Charlotte
  • The Triple-A Paradox of being so close, but so far way from the majors
  • Jimmy Lambert vs. Jonathan Stiever for Next Starter Up, with bonus party crashing by Reynaldo López

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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