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Sharing Sox Podcast 40: Get a Grip Edition

But only a legal one, dadgummit

While at no time going to their hats, mitts, uniforms or body parts to load up on gooey gunk to stick on their computers, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and (usually) west coast correspondent, Will, take a look at baseball’s latest dive into the scandals of substance abuse, emerging with suggestions for truly stiff penalties to dissuade both pitchers and teams from indulging in the dark arts (hint: sudden end of games, sudden end of careers).

Do they have faith MLB will come up with truly devastating punishments for holders of Ph.B. degrees (doctorate of baseballs)? Um, well ...

First they take a look at the week that was, with the Detroit series (ho-hum) and the very fine Tuesday performance against the Blue Jays, and even get into the issues raised by readers of Will’s column on White Six players and what soft drink each would be. (Yes, some bozo took that seriously ... really?)

But it’s the latest ruination of the game that gets the heavy attention, just as it has done in media from Sports Illustrated to CNBC.

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