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Sharing Sox Podcast 43: Short End of the Sticky Edition

Or, who gives a Sheets, anyway?

This week’s edition of Sharing Sox is back to just SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will. But they harken back to last week’s guest, renowned expert on the physics of baseball Dr. Alan Nathan, as they look at the early returns on sticky stuff enforcement and reduced spin rates.

Nathan had said reduced spin rates will most importantly impact high fastballs, but will make no more than an inch of difference on how much the heaters elevate. With Lucas Giolito being a high-heat guy, the duo looked at Tuesday night’s game against the Twins, when Lucas got only one strikeout, but had a ton of balls fouled back.

Then there’s a look back over the past two weeks, a quick one because it’s not exactly filled with happiness for the White Sox, together with a little round of applause for the first game of Gavin Sheets (and acknowledgement of some good fortune therein). Not to mention admiration for Yasmani Grandal’s perfect bunt, which is, of course, something lefties should be doing on a regular basis to force opponents out of shifts.

The deep look is at trade possibilities, wherein the two agree the White Sox could win the pathetic AL Central with the current lineup. Will expounds at length on the reasons the Sox shouldn’t use any trade chips to acquire a second baseman, instead saving what little we have in the way of prospects to acquire relief pitching — especially because the White Sox, while very unlucky in outfield injuries, have been remarkably lucky so far in avoiding pitcher injuries, which will inevitably be coming.

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