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Sharing Sox Podcast 45: Liam on the Mike Edition

And other All-Star break observations

In this week’s podcast, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, do a little All-Star Game review, mainly about audio — that being Liam Hendriks’ Aussie freestyling, and the announcers giving credit for the White Sox performance to Tony La Russa instead of the players, which they didn’t do with any other manager and team. That led to Will revealing just how sharp and insightful HOFBP fanboys are when you criticize him on Twitter, which is always good for a laugh.

Back to baseball, as the pair talk about how tremendous the White Sox are against bad teams, and how much they struggle against good ones; that matters not a whit for the regular season because the AL Central is a glorified minor league, but becomes rather important in the playoffs. The conversation even includes a whole bunch of actual data, not just blather.

One of those pieces of data is the fact Sox starting pitchers have tossed 100 or more pitches 31 times so far, way, way more than any other team, despite all the admonitions that pitchers will need special care this year because of the short 2020 season. Does the HOFBP know more than all the other MLB managers? Time will tell.

And then there is speculation about what, if any, changes the Sox will make by the trading deadline, including the possibility of bringing in Yadier Molina so that the team will have a catcher who can actually catch while Yasmani Grandal is unable to do so.

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