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Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 3 — Stop Defending Abusers! Pay Minor Leaguers! Drink Beer (or not)!

Colleen Sullivan, Janice Scurio, Keelin Billue, and Chrystal O’Keefe gather in a post apocalyptic wasteland of Trevor Bauer abuse allegations, minor leaguers struggling to live, and casual racism and xenophobia against non-native English speakers

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The year is 2021. Thousands of Trevor Bauer bobbleheads gather dust in a warehouse somewhere. Minor leaguers cannot afford housing while working two jobs and “paying their dues.” ESPN’s Steven A. Smith proclaims you cannot be baseball’s top star if you do not speak English in interviews.

On Episode 3 of The Estrogen Power Hour, join Colleen, Janice, Keelin and Chrystal to celebrate the Summer of ’54 IPA while breaking down the latest news from a different perspective.

Summer of ’54 Tapping Event for The Lost Boyz Janice and Keelin attended the Summer of ’54 Tapping event for the Lost Boyz on Tuesday, July 13 at the Haymarket Pub + Brewery in Chicago.

Summer of ‘54 is an IPA born of a random conversation between Chicagoans and collaborators Jay Westbrook, AKA “The Black Beer Baron” and a craft beer maker, and Shakeia Taylor, a beloved baseball journalist.

The name pays tribute to the first summer both Chicago baseball teams had a Black player. Minnie Miñoso joined the White Sox in 1952, while Ernie Banks joined the Cubs in late 1953. The beer is a celebration of baseball and friendship.

In that spirit, proceeds from the sale of each pint were be donated to Lost Boyz Inc, a South Shore based organization that provides instruction, training, and the competition of organized baseball and softball to youths who are not as likely exposed to the game and its many disciplines. Consider donating to Lost Boyz Inc. and grab Summer of ’54 from the Haymarket Pub + Brewery.

Trevor Bauer Abuse Allegations Since the EPH last met, news broke regarding Trevor Bauer’s alleged sexual and physical abuse. The news has initiated several important conversations about consent, victim blaming, and MLB and the Dodgers organization’s awkward handling of sexual and domestic violence. The need for allies for victims is more important than ever. Listen in to hear the discussion.

Pay Our Minor Leaguers Recently, Advocates for Minor Leaguers shared that minor league players for the Rangers and White Sox organizations were unable to afford apartments due to insufficient income. Listen in as the crew discusses the issue with romanticizing “the hustle” that minor leaguers must endure including working several jobs and not being able to make ends meet.

Is it the Interpreters, or Are You Just Racist and/or Xenophobic? While baseball is often called “America’s Pastime,” the game of baseball is celebrated and played in many countries. Several MLB players, including stars like Shohei Ohtani and Yoán Moncada, are from countries where English is not the native language. Recently, commentators for blog and media outlets (including ESPN and Barstool) made comments criticizing the previously mentioned players for utilizing an interpreters in interviews rather than “simply” speaking English. The EPH breaks down why this few is harmful — as well as a waste of time.

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