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Meet the Players: Zach Hayes

Zach with his dad, Jesse, in their first game back together post-pandemic.
Zach Hayes/South Side Sox

Our only writer with pine tar on his keyboard, Zach is based in Chicago and comes to us as a veteran of all sorts of analysis and coverage at one of our favorite sites, Pitcher List. He also co-hosts the Shaggin’ Flies podcast with Ben Palmer.

He’s a feisty writer, with a lot of interests across baseball and with our White Sox. He kicks off his time with us working tonight’s Minor League Update, but expect to see recaps, Six Packs and features/analysis from Zach as well.

Zach enjoys reading, Justin Fields highlights, and people-watching on the CTA, just like his bio says. Follow him on Twitter @PineTarKeyboard, and please give him a warm South Side Sox welcome!

Hometown Chicago

White Sox fan since 2000

First White Sox memory Losing in the 2000 ALDS. I was about five years old, and crowding around a TV watching somebody on the Mariners score is the first time I can remember being somewhat aware of what was going on.

Favorite White Sox memory Being in section 147 for Mark Buehrle’s perfect game. I was there with my parents and cousin, but seven or eight other family and friends also happened to be at the game separately. I have the ticket and scorecard framed.

Favorite White Sox player Frank Thomas

Next White Sox statue José Abreu

Next White Sox retired number 79

Go-to concession food at Sox Park Hot dogs, tamales, or garlic fries, depending on the mood.

Favorite baseball movie Major League. Some parts of it have aged poorly, and it should be watched critically, but it’s one of the only baseball movies that doesn’t take baseball super-seriously. It’s a ridiculous game that’s often played by ridiculous people. I like seeing that reflected in film.

Hall of Fame: Speed Round

Mark Buehrle Yes. 214 Wins and 60 WAR with an 84 mph fastball (including a good chunk of the steroid era) is an incredible accomplishment.
Joe Jackson Yes. Landis sucked, let’s get over it.
Paul Konerko No
Minnie Miñoso Yes, travesty that he’s not.
Chris Sale Depends on the next 2-3 years

South Side Sox on the field Soft-tossing right-handed pitcher

True or false: Every jumbled pile of person has a thinking part that wonders what the part that isn’t thinking isn’t thinking of. Probably true, though I think my thinking parts have too much trouble taking care of themselves to spend much time worrying about the parts that don’t need to think.