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Killer B’s Podcast 10: East Coast Brothas from Other Muthas with Tim Ryder and Colleen Sullivan

Tim Ryder of The Apple, an independent New York Mets outlet, and SSS’s own Colleen Sullivan join Tommy Barbee and Keelin Billue to discuss the first half of the 2021 MLB season

The Killer B’s, Tommy Barbee and Keelin Billue, are back to discuss the connections and kinship between the New York Mets and Chicago White Sox. Tim Ryder of The Apple, home of the “Simply Amazin’” podcast and independent New York Mets coverage, join The B’s to celebrate being “the little brother” in a major market, the “Bench Mob,” James McCann, what to expect for the second half of the 2021 MLB season, and more ... including Jack McDowell flipping off Yankees Stadium.

New York Yankees pitcher Jack McDowell gives the finger at Yankees Stadium.
July 18, 1995: New York Yankees pitcher Jack McDowell gives the finger to the crowd after being removed from game against Chicago White Sox.
Gerald Herbert/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

Remembering Black Jack’s Flip Off Tim shares his first “White Sox” memory: Yankee-fied Black Jack McDowell flipping off Yankee Stadium.

Catching Up on James McCann Tim catches the South Side Sox crew up on how former White Sox catcher James McCann is doing with the Mets. Spoiler alert: McCann is doing just fine.

Being “the Other Team” Being a fan of the “little brother” team in a major market begs an interesting question: “How does fandom happen?”

Winning With Your Bench The 2021 MLB season has been particularly notable in terms of proliferation of injuries, but both the Mets and the White Sox are still gathering wins with an unexpected crew of players.

Season Expectations Tim, the B’s, and Colleen discuss hopes for the second half of baseball season.

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