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North Side Sox Podcast 19 - EXCLUSIVE Conversation with Jake Burger’s College Coach, Keith Guttin

Missouri State’s baseball coach chatted about his former player Jake Burger, who is making his long-awaited White Sox debut Friday night in Detroit

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago White Sox
Jake Burger is in the majors, and we talked with his college coach about the milestone.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You might have thought this day would never come: Jake Burger getting called up to the White Sox. This has nothing to do with lack of talent or ability, but many players just don’t come back from Achilles tears, let alone two of them. Jake Burger has done just that. After torching Triple-A pitching down in Charlotte to the tune of a line of .322/.368./.964, the 25-year-old third baseman will finally get his chance to show what he can do in the major leagues, on a first place White Sox squad.

Keith Guttin is the head coach at Missouri State, and has been for the last 38 seasons. He has coached more than 20 major league players, and turned Missouri State into one of the best college programs in the country. He was gracious enough to take few minutes out of his day to chat about his former player, and let’s just say he's not at all surprised with Burger’s success; he even thinks the rookie could be President one day.

Enjoy this chat with Missouri State Baseball Head Coach, Keith Guttin!

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