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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 11 - Better Pay for the Farmhands — 2021-07-20

Darren Black hops on with Brett Ballantini to discuss disappointments in pitchers young and old, and tackle the controversial low pay for MiLBers

Darren Black and Brett Ballantini are back to a more traditional run-through-the-affiliates podcast, but given some news of the early week, the low-pay plight of minor leaguers hijacked the end of the podcast:

  • Did Reynaldo López do anything more than earn $2.1 million this season in order to get called up this weekend?
  • Is it too much, too late for super-hot Charlotte Knight Luis González?
  • Eloy’s travails in the field at both Winston-Salem and Charlotte should play a role in his usage later this season in Chicago
  • What is different about Romy González this season — and how does that help his promise as a future major-leaguer?
  • Yolbert Sánchez has seemed to locate his hit tool, which he now packed with him to Birmingham in a promotion that finally gets him to an age-appropriate level
  • Is a matter of when, not if, when it comes to a José Rodríguez promotion from Kannapolis?
  • Darren says you should be disappointed in the young trio of next-wave arms (Matthew Thompson, Drew Dalquist, Jared Kelley). Worried? Nah
  • How is it that the MLB draft is moving backwards when it comes to player bonuses (and yes, we call out the Cubs for paying a 10th-rounder $5,000, and a sixth-round pick for $1,000. Disgusting
  • Meanwhile, photos of St. Louis Cardinals MiLB players sleeping across chairs in a hotel ballroom (or some such locale) are circulating at the same time Oakland A’s farmhands are said to be paying more for a couple of weeks of hotel stay than they are paid per month in salary. Reprehensible
  • Sorry Sox, we vow to call you out if you play the same way (and yeah, at least one pick has signed for a paltry $10,000, we know)

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