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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 12 — Reviewing the 2021 Draft in a Deep Dive — 2021-07-21

Dan Victor makes his SSS pod debut by hopping on with Brett Ballantini to discuss the recent draft in detail, plus a survey of the full White Sox system

It only took about three years, but this South Side Sox’s original bonus baby signing, Dan Victor, finally did get together with Brett Ballantini for an SSS podcast. The program is broken pretty much into two halves: 2021 draft review, and 2021 affiliate season highlights.

Here are some specifics of the discussion:

  • When will Dan’s big signing bonus arrive?
  • For all the usual hype, 2021 was an unusually strong draft, with MLB basically punting 2020. To that end, the White Sox really did score three first round talents among their first three picks
  • This podcast runs in conjunction with Dan’s overview of the draft, highlighting picks including some guys falling outside of the top five Sox picks: Theo Denlinger, Johnny Ray, Cam Butler and Shawn Goosenberg
  • And, please don’t think it’s empty hype, but if you haven’t read the story, get on over to it and give it a read; it’s PHENOMENALLY well-sourced, one of the best stories we’ve run this year
  • How losing Great Falls as advanced rookie play has adversely affected Low-A Kannapolis
  • José Rodríguez, the man, the myth
  • Plus, Dan’s other Kannapolis guys to watch — including a few who aren’t having the best on-paper seasons
  • Romy González’s preposterously-low body fat, and other keys to forcing his way into the prospect conversation
  • Other Victor faves, including Micker Adolfo, Luis González
  • Why Jonathan Stiever is still Dan’s pitching pick to click — and watch out for Lane Ramsey, chucking under the radar
  • No detailed teasers offered, but Dan has another fabulous feature coming at us next week, and we plan another podcast discussion to spotlight that, and perhaps dig deeper into the system as well

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or wherever you consume your podcasts. Or, you can watch the podcast on the South Side Hit Pen YouTube channel.