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Sharing Sox Podcast 46: Big Brewhaha Edition

And an uprising by the YermiNation

SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan his son and west coast correspondent, Will, are joined this week by cheesehead correspondent and Brewers fan Jonathan Schroerlucke, to preview the upcoming White Sox series in Milwaukee and the incredible matchups of starting pitchers on tap. Will the series be as it looks on paper and consist entirely of games that are 0-0 until the starters come out, with all runs then scored before the two dominant closers come in? Will former Sox players be the key to the Milwaukee offense?

Who knows? But we guess.

We also have a whole bunch of guesses and comments about the biggest White Sox news of the week, the announced retirement of April hero Yermín Mercedes. Naturally, it would all have been terribly brilliant except that since we recorded, Yermín decided to unretire, at least for one night, so all the speculation and bad-mouthing of the HOFBP is badly outdated. Not that bad-mouthing the HOFBP is ever out of line, but it doesn’t fit the story so well any more.

After the break, it’s all White Sox versus Brewers and great pitchers, which we hope doesn’t get out of date as well.

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