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Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 4 — The Chris Sale Anniversary — 2021-07-23

Colleen Sullivan, Chrystal O’Keefe, Janice Scurio and Keelin Billue gather together for a special episode to talk about the 2016 jersey mangling, conspiracy theories, and trade deadline wishes

Happy five-Year anniversary of Chris Sale’s attempt to join Project Runway!

On Episode 4 of The Estrogen Power Hour, join Colleen, Chrystal, Janice, and Keelin to celebrate this storied moment in White Sox history, as well as other uniform comments and what we want out of the trade deadline.

Sports Contributor Archive 2019 Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Chris Sale doesn’t make it work. Colleen gives a rundown on the Chris Sale Jersey Slicing of July 23, 2016 (and mixes up 1974 and 1976). Janice asks the important question of “What type of knife is in the clubhouse that you could use for this?” (stay tuned for a MythBusters-style Patreon episode). If there are pictures from the incident, send them our way.

2016 was a fever dream. The girls talk about why the 2016 season was wild AF including jersey cut-ups, the LaRoches, a team of Some Guys, Angels legend Adam Eaton, and separating Robin Ventura the Player from Robin Ventura the Manager. Chrystal still makes fun of fans for this season, which is honestly well-deserved.

Uniforms, uniforms, uniforms. The EPH speculates whether starting pitchers actually do get to pick the uniform on their day. They also try to determine if there is a curse on the City Connects and whether they are good-looking uniforms or just ugly.

Colleen’s Conspiracy Corner. Colleen drops a conspiracy theory that Tony is the Manchurian Candidate and Miguel Cairo is managing. She’s also expecting a cease-and-desist from the White Sox any day.

Satire, joke, or dumb? Normalize telling men they aren’t funny. If you have to say it’s a joke, it isn’t funny. Punching down isn’t funny. Chrystal has the best recommendation for how to deflect said “jokes.” Speaking of bad jokes ...

Attendance jokes are classist. The South Side isn’t a monolith, and attendance jokes are boring. People have jobs, jabronis — not everyone can go on Monday night. Janice and Keelin also point out that Wrigley Field is marketed as a tourist attraction by the city.

Pay the man. The Estrogen Power Hour fully supports signing an extension for Carlos Rodón. They also support paying players in general, as they discuss the 1994-95 strike and remind you to tip the workers at Guaranteed Rate Field because they’re working hard to feed your drunk bodies.

Trade Deadline Wish List. A second baseman, a reliever, and maybe a catcher. Yasmani Grandal was seen jogging, so maybe not a catcher. Mostly a reliever and a second baseman, because we definitely need those most of all.

Sports, sports, sports, sports. Fear the Deer, watch the White Sox, or do both at once.

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