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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 13 — Prospects Getting Back on the Radar - 2021-07-28

Darren Black is back with Brett Ballantini to discuss some key movers in the White Sox system, including Taylor Varnell and Luis Curbelo

Darren Black is back on the Farm podcast, and this time around he and Brett Ballantini are talking about some key hot prospects in the system, and what each has to do to establish (or re-establish) “hot prospect” status.

And yes, you’re not hearing it wrong, Brett doesn’t know how many SSS Farm podcasts we’ve done.


  • Yes, this is just Farm podcast 13 ... plus, Darren turns Taylor Varnell into a righty!
  • Has Yermín Mercedes completely killed what trade value he might have had?
  • Is there any plausible scenario that sees Micker Adolfo still in the White Sox system at the start of the 2022 season?
  • Varnell has had a fabulous 2021 ... how long before he transitions into “legit prospect?” Darren provides a telling contrast between Varnell and Konnor Pilkington
  • Luis Curbelo has powered his way back onto the White Sox prospect radar. When he gets to Birmingham, what must he show to remain on the radar?
  • Luis Mieses has done nothing but mash since his demotion to Kannapolis. Something has clicked there for him, finally ... should we anticipate him succeeding once he’s back with the Dash?
  • Apropos to recent discussion on site, both Darren and Brett temper expectations about what the White Sox capital — the best of it, “older” prospects — can bring back in trade this week
  • And, shout-out to the work of Adopt A Minor Leaguer. Visit the linked website to either donate or sign up to help sponsor a White Sox player.

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