Baseball at Tokyo 2021


Two Sport Olympian Eddy Alvarez at Spring Training with the Sox in 2017

I'm making a fan post for all baseball at Tokyo 2021 Olympics discussion. I know I can't be the only one excited that baseball is finally back in the Olympics and after seeing that amazing first game between Japan and Dominican Republic, I definitely think we'll need a place to talk more about it for those interested.

The Japan team of all stars is definitely already showing why they're a favorite and of course when baseball is so big in Japan. However as much as I love Japan, I'll stick with my roots of course and root for TEAM USA!

Which I think many of us here should do as well seeing the exSox factor runs thick in there:

former Sox prospect - Olympic medalist in speedskating Eddie Alvarez

For a quick refresher of his best Sox highlight when he speedskated around the bases in ST:

former Sox closer - David Robertson

former Sox HR leader - Todd Frazier

former Sox starter - Edwin Jackson

It should be a very fun time for baseball in the Olympics. Let's go Team USA!

And here's some useful links for schedules, scores, news, etc:

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