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Sharing Sox Podcast 47: Eloy! Eloy! Edition

With big questions about starting pitcher usage

This week SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, celebrate the return of super-defender Eloy Jiménez, who had celebrated his own return the night before with a booming game-winner that’s probably still in orbit. (They also ... ahem ... note the error of their Yermín Mercedes assessment the week before, which shall not be mentioned after this moment by anyone. Including you.)

With the cast recorded 50 hours ahead of the trading deadline, it is full of speculation, none of which will turn out to be true, but being wrong is in the spirit of the show.

On the negative side, what’s with all the heavy use of White Sox starting pitchers, who have thrown many more games of more than 100 pitches than any other team, more than twice the MLB average? Is this really a good idea? Is the HOFBP that much smarter than the 29 other managers (well, he’s definitely smarter than Mike Matheny, but that’s just one, and he might not really count)? Should the Sox be wearing out their pitchers in a now-meaningless regular season, given the hideousness of the AAAL Central, or should they be getting a little less wear and tear going into October?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Oh, and how about Danny Mendick for catcher?

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