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South Side Sox Podcast 54 — Welcome, César and Ryan!

Darren Black, James Fox, Joe Resis, Bill Meincke and Zach Hayes hop on with Brett Ballantini to discuss the two new White Sox, and pinpoint what still needs to be done

To match the acquisitions today by the White Sox, we upped our trade deadline podcast from four South Side Sox staff to six (Brett Ballantini, Darren Black, James Fox, Joe Resis, Bill Meincke and Zach Hayes) and, what ho, we had White Sox trades to talk about! The White Sox did well on Thursday, so there was plenty of time to celebrate a bit:

  • The pivot from Eduardo Escobar to César Hernández was quick. How did it happen?
  • Check out Zach’s terrific piece on Hernández, which ought to get you a bit excited about what he still has in the tank for 2021
  • How in the world did we snag Ryan Tepera — arguably the best non-closer relief pitcher on the market — for Bailey Horn? James has some interesting insight
  • Roundtable: The most important area of weakness still to address before Friday’s 3 p.m. CT trading deadline, and who should be acquired to fill it
  • Mike Rizzo strikes again! He did it to the White Sox in 2010 over Adam Dunn — did he pull the same shenanigans on San Diego tonight, in flipping Max Scherzer (and Trea Turner) a division rival in the Dodgers instead?
  • Again, a reminder to temper expectations when it comes to the talent the White Sox can draw in; the prospects tank is empty (that didn’t stop Rick Hahn today, though)
  • Is an intern frantically Fedexing Micker Adolfo’ highlights to the north side in hopes of landing Craig Kimbrel in a package?
  • Most likely single player to acquire: According to our guys, the White Sox will be doubling their order of Frys

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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