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South Side Sox Podcast 55 — Rick Hahn Wins at the Deadline

Darren Black, Joe Resis, Tyrone Palmer, and Chrystal O’Keefe hop on with Brett Ballantini to discuss White Sox deals, punctuated today by the Craig Kimbrel masterstroke

All right, we lost two players today and gained one, so we did the same with tonight’s final Trade Deadline podcast, as five South Side Sox staff (Brett Ballantini, Darren Black, Joe Resis, Chrystal O’Keefe and Tyrone Palmer) convened to talk about the Craig Kimbrel for Nick Madrigal and Codi Heuer trade, and the wild final day of dealing across baseball.

Some highlights:

  • Brett celebrates in the Virgin Islands, and may have gotten lost there
  • How much does losing Nick Madrigal hurt? The SSS Indianapolis Field Office of Chrystal O’Keefe and Joe Resis are particularly bummed, but still on board with the move
  • What ultimately made Madrigal expendable
  • Darren heats up a casserole
  • Mini-roundtable: What did the White Sox miss out on that they still need
  • Among the sellers, who “won?”
  • Brett taunts the jinx gods, while Darren is straight-out afeared of them
  • Tyrone and Brett are united in the belief that the White Sox are now the favorites in the American League, and that losing Madrigal won’t set the team back for a second

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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