It’s Time For Sox Open Tryouts

White Sox players are going down so fast there soon won’t be enough of them left to fill out the MLB roster.

Another game... another big injury.

The Disabled List is now longer that the number of times Jason Benetti says the word ‘NUMBER’ in a game telecast...

"Out NUMBER One."

"Inning NUMBER Two".

"RBI NUMBER Twenty-Three."

"Game NUMBER 300 in his career..."

Jason... you’re a fine announcer. But please give the word "NUMBER’ a rest now and then? We KNOW these are numbers. We don’t need the constant reminder.

Anyway, back to the topic.

It’s time for the Sox to hold open tryouts to fill out the Sox MLB roster. Soon, everybody who started on the 40-Man and Charlotte rosters will be watching from the sidelines.

All you guys who dream of playing in the Major Leagues? Now’s your chance!

Come on, Sox. Hold those open tryouts in parks all over the South Side. You’ll be surprised at how many in Sox Nation want to do more than just cheer from the stands.

Get those Sox scouts at those parks. Let them bark out orders...

"Get into the box! Get on the mound! Take some ground balls! Catch some flies! Let’s see what you got!"

Let’s make some Sox Dreams come true. Sox Nation, dust off those gloves and bats and get ready to choose your number in Southside Pinstripes!

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