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Sharing Sox Podcast 44: Billy! Billy! Billy! Edition

Complete with declaring war on Stoney and Jason over chili

In this week’s edition of Sharing Sox, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast corespondent, Will, have a whole bunch of stuff to talk about. There’s the good: Adam Eaton is gone, Adam Engel is back, Leury García is doing his best Babe Ruth imitation, and Billy Hamilton made a catch that is why it is so much fun to watch baseball. There’s also the bad: Some White Sox starting pitchers are showing signs of struggling with the new rules enforcement, and the bullpen is still shaky

There’s also the really, really ugly: Yasmani Grandal is seriously injured, and the Sox are stuck with Zack Collins as their primary catcher.

Then there’s the question of chili. The TV broadcast team — OK, mostly Stoney — recently saw fit to attack one of the seven wonders of the culinary world, namely Skyline Chili. To them we say, “Fie! Fie upon you!” whatever that means. Being former Ohioans — as is Stoney, but from the wrong end of the state — and incisive analysts, we not only take umbrage, we take at least two umbrages, and explain why.

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