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North Side Sox Podcast 20: Getting Spicy with Sean Evans

The host of the massively popular show, Hot Ones, also happens to be a massively big White Sox fan. We talk about the White Sox, 16´´softball, and how he built a media empire

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Build Presents Sean Evans Discussing “Hot Ones” Mireya Acierto/FilmMagic

If you’ve been on the internet in the last five years or so, you've no doubt come across, and more than likely fallen in love with, the YouTube series Hot Ones, hosted by the lovable Sean Evans.

Sean is not only, for my money, one of the best and most innovative interviewers and media personalities of our time, but he also happens to be a big White Sox fan. This isn’t some casual celebrity fandom, Sean is dialed-in, and about as much of a diehard fan as you’ll find.

Sean was kind enough to join the show in what is sure to be our spiciest episode yet.

We talk about how a kid from Evanston, surrounded by Cubs fans, ended up with a love for the Sox. We gets Sean’s thoughts about the current roster, and if he thinks Rick Hahn did enough to bring another World Series to the South Side.

We also get a peek behind the curtain as to what is took to bring what started as an obscure concept for an interview series all the way to the media empire that it has become. Sean has been parodied by SNL, collaborated on a shoe with Reebok, and most recently became a toy, but today, he joined North Side Sox for what is quite possibly our favorite episode yet.

Hope you enjoy.

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