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Gamethread: White Sox at Twins

YOUTUBE-ONLY rubber game comes packed with some ominous IL news

Chicago White Sox Field of Dreams Portraits
Don’t walk into the corn, Carlos!
Ron Vesely/Getty Images

OK, quickie gamethread copy here, we’re running late at SSS today.

Pregame, the White Sox made three announcements:

  • Carlos Rodón heads to the IL with shoulder fatigue
  • Matt Foster up from Charlotte
  • Yasmani Grandal starts a rehab assignment in Birmingham

(Yes, Yaz will probably play three innings with the Barons before declaring himself OK to return.)

The Rodón news is, well, troublesome. Yes, of course, it’s just shoulder fatigue, but we are at a point where he needs to be shut down for August and then even in September he should alternate starts. For as strong as Carlos has been this season, pumping triple-digits on his last pitches of outings, it’s a lot to ask him to jump from “no pitching” (basically, ever, the guy has average 12 starts per season in his career) to a 175+ innings workload.

Whether Michael Kopech — himself being “babied” after TJS in 2018 and opting out of 2020 — replaces Rodón in the rotation remains to be seen. Smacks of re-using a band-aid for a cut still bleeding, but we’ll see. Jimmy Lambert, keep your day duffel packed.

In further Dude, Where’s My Starting Rotation? news, today’s starter is ... Reynaldo López, spanking-fresh and back from the Where Are They Now file. It’s a righteously bizarro Sunday lineup for the White Sox here on pre-FOD Wednesday.

Lineups for today’s YouTube-only broadcast:

Game starts in, like, minutes.