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South Side Sox Podcast 59 — Field of Dreams

Brett Ballantini tries to convince Colleen Sullivan and Jacki Krestel of the merits of the movie, and the three preview the game as well as where the White Sox stand with the Carlos Rodón injury

It was shaping up to be a bloodbath, but just two Field of Dreams naysayers has the guts to show up for this podcast and attempt to convince Brett Ballantini that the film is trash. Colleen Sullivan and Jacki Krestel wax acidic on the film; in the end, no one shifted their stances.

Here’s a corny taste of this episode:

  • Zoe Krestel the Wonder Dog makes an appearance, and Brett is convinced the canine is on Team FoD with him
  • What is the excitement level over this very odd, midseason game?
  • Is there concern over how Carlos Rodón is able to finish out 2021, given his heavy workload/Cy Young-caliber start?
  • In a world where every other movie release is a superhero yarn, why is it so hard to suspend disbelief for a sports fantasy movie?
  • The It’s a Wonderful Life comp
  • Colleen’s synopsis of the movie is brutal, but not entirely inaccurate
  • Colleen and Jacki both seem fixated on Moonlight Graham attending to the choking child vs. calling the paramedics — as if an ambulance is on-call to fish hot dog bits out of someone’s throat in rural Iowa
  • We agree that the end of the film, including “have a catch” (cringe) and car traffic, is pretty cool overall
  • Seriously, why was Ray Liotta so important to this film that he not only is shoehorned in as Joe Jackson (!) but allowed to bat right-handed?

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