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South Side Sox Podcast 60 — Field of Dreams Aftermath, With Sharing Sox!

The Sharing Sox duo of Leigh and Will Allan have their podcast overrun by Brett Ballantini, to discuss the game in the corn — and hilarity ensues

What a game!

We tried to do a spot-podcast last night, but everyone in SSS HQ was still high on what was the wildest and most thrilling (and, given the TV ratings, popular) regular season game in ages. So, the pivot involved me offering to join Sharing Sox for their Friday podcast, then just bullying my way into hosting the thing. Thanks to the Allans for their graciousness.

For the first time since February, Brett Ballantini, Leigh Allan and Will Allan got together to talk. Was there corniness? You be the judge:

  • Three generations of fans are represented on this podcast, so how did the spectacle sit with each?
  • Tim Anderson’s value to the White Sox cannot be measured in mere WAR
  • Why calls to replace Liam Hendriks as White Sox closer after last night’s blowup are hasty
  • Does Carlos Rodón’s injury render the Dallas Keuchel vs. Dylan Cease debate for the playoff rotation moot?
  • Where we all fall on the Rodón injury Panic-o-Meter
  • Joe Buck swooning over Tony La Russa was to be expected. Foisting Tony love on Liam, however, is a bridge a bit far

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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