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Sharing Sox Podcast 49: Save the Pitchers Edition

Both their health and their arms

Both SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son, Will, are west coast correspondents this week, as Leigh and his wife visit Will and his wife and the duo take time out to record the show.

Top of the news, of course, is the horrible injury Oakland ace Chris Bassitt sustained Tuesday when hit by a 100 mph line shot by Brian Goodwin. That got the geezer thinking back to probably the most famous case of a major league pitcher taking a shot to the head, that of Herb Score.

Score, who came up with Cleveland and later pitched for the White Sox, was destined for greatness ... Rookie of the Year, led the majors in strikeouts two years in a row, perhaps the best young pitcher ever ... when hit by a rocket by Gil McDougald of the Yankees in 1957. Score recovered, but was never the same.

What can be done about such injuries? The two discuss, but solve nothing.

On a happier note, the discussion turns to the renaissance of Reynaldo López and the many possibilities for the back end of the rotation in the playoffs.

Plus, they raise the question of how much chance you take on starters wearing out if you press to get the top seed in the American League. That one, they solve.

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