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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 14 — Post-Trade Aftermath, and Moving Forward in Charlotte

Darren Black is back with Brett Ballantini to discuss the four White Sox losses at the trade deadline, and the path forward for some key Knights

Despite juggling nightly, weekly and monthly minors updates and moving this podcast up a day to provide off-day content for you ravenous masses, Darren Black took an hour out to come back to the Farm podcast.

This time around, he and Brett Ballantini are recovering from that whopper of a trade deadline. Wow, we need a cigarette. In fact, the content was so potent, midway through the recording, Darren’s wifi signal gave out.

But he came back. Good thing, because we had lots to discuss:

  • Darren breaks down all four players (Nick Madrigal, Codi Heuer, Konnor Pilkington, Bailey Horn) and sees the Cubs trades as win-win for both sides. Peace & Harmony Black, they call him
  • A brief review of Javy Báez’s three true outcomes: strikeout, no-look tags, hamming it up to first base)
  • We trace the likely White Sox career outcomes for quad-A guys like Micker Adolfo, Jake Burger and Gavin Sheets
  • With the loss of Pilkington there any starting pitcher prospects left in the White Sox system — and does it even matter?
  • In a discussion of possible internal options for second base in 2023, Darren admits that among all the experts we have on staff, Brett has the sharpest prospects eye, and no, Darren absolutely did not smirk when he said so. Nope
  • Days of reckoning are upon us, for 25-odd new rookies from the draft (and undrafted free agents); without Great Falls, where will they all go? We envision the loitering at Camelback.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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