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South Side Sox Podcast 61 — No, As Far As You Know, We Are Not Offering Legal Advice

However, Julie Brady, Celeste Radogno and Brett Ballantini offer takes on Beltgate, the Corn Game, and ethical dilemmas of baseball and White Sox fandom

Now, you might think that Brady & Radogno sounds like a legal firm. It is NOT. In fact, the only one on this podcast legally allowed to provide legal advice is the host. But you would not want to follow it.

However, Julie Brady and Celeste Radogno have more than just legal studies in common. They are White Sox fans! Also, ace writers with a taste for both the wry and the absurd. If Brett Ballantini was smarter, he’d be studying law with them. Or, maybe just fixing the game snax.

Julie was kind enough to pause her relentless Minor League Update writing, and Celeste her move south, to chat with Brett about the White Sox of mid-August 2021, and more:

  • Three laypeople’s takes on Lance Lynn’s belt removal during Wednesday night’s ballgame
  • Given one of the three was currently encircled and perhaps even threatened by corn for miles and miles, how’d we assess the Field of Dreams game last week?
  • As seen dozens of times on Twitter @DestroyBaseball, Julie offers the origin story of Maroon 5: The Menacing
  • Did Celeste really melt the internet with a photo of a footlong hot dog? Do tube steak fundamentalists really exist?
  • Both Julie and Celeste have been to live games, Celeste in four major league parks this season. What were the experiences, given the continuing pandemic?
  • Oh, it’s a leading question, but is it possible that MLB could do a worse job marketing the game to anyone beyond stool bros?
  • There is a unanimous answer to whether these three would remain White Sox fans if a family like the Ricketts controlled the ballclub
  • Pet cameos: Chico Marx yes, Vinny no.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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