1st round schedule or why does MLB hate its own fans?

Here's the schedule for the playoffs after the two wildcard games:


Thursday, Oct. 7
• ALDS A, Game 1 (FS1 or MLBN)
• ALDS B, Game 1 (FS1 or MLBN)

Friday, Oct. 8
• ALDS A, Game 2 (FS1 or MLBN)
• ALDS B, Game 2 (FS1 or MLBN)
• NLDS A, Game 1 (TBS)
• NLDS B, Game 1 (TBS)

Saturday, Oct. 9
• NLDS A, Game 2 (TBS)
• NLDS B, Game 2 (TBS)

Sunday, Oct. 10
• ALDS A, Game 3 (FS1 or MLBN)
• ALDS B, Game 3 (FS1 or MLBN)

Monday, Oct. 11
• ALDS A, Game 4* (FS1 or MLBN)
• ALDS B, Game 4* (FS1 or MLBN)
• NLDS A, Game 3 (TBS)
• NLDS B, Game 3 (TBS)

Tuesday, Oct. 12
• NLDS A, Game 4* (TBS)
• NLDS B, Game 4* (TBS)

Wednesday, Oct. 13
• ALDS A, Game 5* (FS1)
• ALDS B, Game 5* (FS1)

Thursday, Oct. 14
• NLDS A, Game 5* (TBS)
• NLDS B, Game 5* (TBS)

As we know from experience there will be two games played during the day on Friday, you know, when most Americans are working, and the same for Monday, when most Americans are working. Unless we're playing the Yanks, we're probably getting slotted in the afternoon games on Friday and Monday should it last that long.

Saturday and Sunday, only two games are scheduled. You know those are days you could play the games all day long because most people don't work on those days.

You've heard my complaints about this before, but I guess I'm going to keep banging this drum. MLB and its weak commissioner don't really care. They don't want to compete with football, plain and simple so our favorite sport will continue to slide into irrelevance.

I still am just amazed that baseball is the only of the four major sports that will play its playoffs during weekdays.

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